NABA Inc. Metro DC Chapter


The mission of the NABA, Inc. Metro DC Chapter is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.


The NABA Inc. Metro DC Chapter exists to unite accountants, finance and business related professionals and students who have similar interests and ideals and promote public confidence in our members and the services they provide.


The NABA Inc. Metro DC Chapter will be the premier professional association for accounting and finance professionals by providing optimal value to all of our stakeholders through innovative programming, leadership development, mentorship and engagement.

our EVENTS & announcements

FY20 Events
August 22: August Professional Meeting, hosted by KPMG
August 2019: Student Member Services Liaison Meeting and Student Member Workshop
September 5: FY2020 Membership Reception
September 19: Metro DC Dinner Series, hosted by Kearny & Company
September 2019: SMS Pre-ERSC Workshop
September 2019: “Food for Thought” Networking Dinner
September 2019: Eastern Region Student Conference
October 11: Junior Achievement Finance Park Volunteer Event
October 26: 8th Annual Women of NABA Brunch
November 1 - 5: Volunteer Requests for the 31st Annual NAEHCY Conference
November 2019: “Gameplan for Graduation” Student Event
November 2019: Professional General Body Meeting
November 2019: Thanksgiving Community Service Event
December 2019: NABA Metro DC Holiday Party/Soiree
December 2019: Professional General Body Meeting
December 2019: Junior Achievement Finance Park Volunteer Event

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