Financial Literacy and Education

The Financial Literacy Committee is charged with providing free financial literacy programs to area students and the community through various financial literacy programs. Our programs below cover money management, budgeting, and strategies on how to combat emotional spending.

Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP)
The Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) was established in 1980 to increase the understanding of accounting and business career opportunities among high school students from underrepresented ethnic groups. Through ACAP’s efforts, students have received educational enrichment experiences and practical help needed for college preparation and a career in accounting. This week long summer residency program is held on the campus of Howard University. During the week, students will have the opportunity to attend classes on careers in accounting and business, personal development and college preparation; tour college campuses, local companies, and CPA firms; and invite their parent(s) or guardian(s) to a banquet in commemoration of their completion of the program.

Operation HOPE-Banking On Our Future
Operation HOPE, Inc. (HOPE) is a non-profit, public benefit organization, founded in 1992 in Los Angeles. HOPE is America’s leading provider of economic tools and services. HOPE is an effective facilitator, lender, advocate and educator for and on behalf of the other America. NABA has been a committed partner and supporter of HOPE since the 2006 National Convention in Hollywood, FL. The committee presents sessions on a variety of different topics including basics on banking, the power of good credit, and investments. Focusing on urban, under-served communities, Operation Hope uses its established Banking on Our Future program to execute a global delivery system for financial education for youth ages 9-18 at no cost to school districts.

DC Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign (DC EITC)
NABA Metropolitan Washington, DC partners with the DC Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign (DC EITC). The DC EITC Campaign is a citywide, cross-sector initiative that educates the public about income tax benefits that promote greater economic security. The goals of the organization are:

  • To promote awareness of the federal and DC Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax benefits to ensure that eligible residents know how to claim them;
  • To promote free and affordable tax preparation for DC residents; and
  • To connect low-income taxpayers with programs and services to improve their financial stability.